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In recent years you’ve come to understand that your thoughts and feelings influence… shape… your ‘outer world’.

You have plenty of evidence to demonstrate that focussing your thoughts and feelings alters what happens around and to you.

(If not, get evidence from the little book I described here.)

Now if you’re ready to take your mad conscious-creating skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!

Because right here, over the next 100 days, you’ll sculpt your body with consciousness alone.  

On your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home.

It’s called Quantum Body Sculpting.  And 2+ years of testing shows… it works!  We really can alter our physical bodies, our health and well-being by what we focus on, think, feel and ‘become’.

Below are the answers to any questions you have about it.

And at the bottom is your link to get started right away.


But first, your questions…

“What evidence is there that it’s possible to reshape our bodies with consciousness alone?”

1) Meet 70-year-old Pat, who looks and feels much younger.  She’ll tell you what she knows about Quantum Body Sculpting here.

2) Read what happened when I first tried Quantum Body Sculpting personally here.

3) Read about Kristin’s changing scar here – and what it demonstrates about altering your body with consciousness alone.

4) See these photos of rapid, observable skin changes.

5) Read this story about how Natasha wanted to alter her ‘tight bloodshot eyes’.  Hear how thrilled she was to discover not only how much more comfortable they felt later, but how visible the  changes were too.   See the before-and-after photos too!

6) Read here how Quantum Body Sculpting rapidly healed an injury with astonishing speed.

7) See photos of Lisa’s skin before and after her Quantum Body Sculpting work.

And so on…

“Who created the Quantum Body Sculpting Program?”

This ground-breaking online program was created by award-winning Life Coach Wendy Down.  (That’s me, a former nurse and university lecturer and the founder of the popular online resource for consciousness pioneers, the Consciousness Playground.   And results-producing programs like The Youthening Program and Quantum Basics 101.)

“How does the 100-day Quantum Body Sculpting Program work?”

This online program centres around a series of exclusive audio-recordings.  8 in total.  In each recording, you’ll encounter ideas, exercises, experiences and ‘consciousness’ that draw you, like a magnet, into the state of awareness from which physical transformation occurs without effort.

Each recording is available to play on your computer, mobile device or to download as an mp3.  For easy reference, you also get a full transcript of each recording.

Every 14 days, a new recording is delivered to your email inbox.  Each recording is typically 20-40 minutes in length and can be replayed as often as you like.  Also, you’ll regularly receive reminders, practical tips, thought-provoking ideas and useful tools delivered to your email inbox.

In total, the program requires less than 10 hours of your time each month.

Once you join, you’ll get access to a private members-only site and be privy to insider information and conversation.    There you can share your comments, experiences and questions with Wendy and your fellow participants.

How did the Quantum Body Sculpting Program come to be?

The notion of Quantum Body Sculpting evolved from successful earlier explorations into altering our bodies with consciousness alone.

For example, a few years ago, to challenge the idea that aging is inevitable, I created a 6-month online Youthening Program.  Of the hundreds who have taken that program to date, the majority say they’ve grown measurably younger over time.  And only one person has ever asked for the money back guarantee.   

Having discovered that aging is not inevitable and can actually be reversed made me wonder, “What else we can do with our bodies that we aren’t yet aware?”

Along the way I came across the astonishing work of Joseph Pierce Farrell (see these unforgettable photos of his consciousness-based rapid skin changes. And more photos of facial restructuring.)

I began doing Remote Quantum Body Sculpting Sessions with my friend, Australian healer, Ken Graydon.   (Read one of our early reports about what people have experienced in our Remote Sessions here.  And see how we still offer those sessions here.)

And I experimented with one-on-one Quantum Body Sculpting in my office and by Skype.

Now, I’m ready to share my insider processes, knowledge and experiences with you in this online course to help you access the Quantum Body Sculptor in you as well.

“How will I know that I’m likely to see real, observable results?”

Three characteristics mark you as a good candidate for Quantum Body Sculpting.  Find out what they are here.

In a nutshell, you’re most likely to enjoy success if you are playful, curious and can treat this as an experiment done for fun and personal growth.

If, by contrast, you are desperate to change a body part that you absolutely hate, if you can’t be happy until your body is different, you are not a good candidate.

Having said that, if dissatisfaction is your starting place and you are willing to feel significantly better about your body exactly as it is, its highly likely that this program will help you achieve that.  From there, the good news is that you can take the program again (for no additional cost) and from your new playful, neutral ‘vibe’ you’ll be set for observable physical transformation to follow!

“As its creator, what concerns or reservations do YOU have about this Quantum Body Sculpting Program, Wendy?”

I’m happy with the content, material, recordings, tone and delivery of this Quantum Body Sculpting Program.  These materials were created some months ago and my understanding of how to reshape flesh with consciousness alone continues to evolve yet I’ve kept these Quantum Body Sculpting Program materials as they first came to me.   (If you get the Consciousness Playground Newsletter, you know I continue to share my latest insights freely. For example, here.)

My one regret is that the materials in this program were originally created for a beta test group (members of the Consciousness Playground at the time.)  So here and there on the recordings you’ll hear references to events that have since passed.  Rather than edit the recordings and transcripts to remove those references, I decided to lower the program cost significantly to reflect their inclusion.

 I secretly wish the materials didn’t have those minor imperfections and that they contained every one of my latest insights, including the newest one I had just this morning!  But that’s what future programs will be for 🙂  And so, as an introduction to Quantum Body Sculpting, I’m proud of this firm foundation upon which you and I will both build.

This sounds too good to be true.  What if it doesn’t work for me?”

No problem!

The Quantum Body Sculpting Program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  So there’s no downside to giving it a try.

 10 to 15% of participants will probably not experience any noticeable results.

After all, we’re pushing the boundaries of what we believe possible in this program and for some, the leap will be too much… too soon.   

To receive your money back, you must complete the entire Quantum Body Sculpting Program, listen to all the recordings and do all the exercises throughout the 100 days.

At the end, if you do not see transformation in the form of  a physical change or in the form of a significant internal change,  simply submit the details of your experience in the program to receive a full refund.    

That’s fair, huh?

There’s nowhere else you can go to learn this.

Are you ready to join?  

Quantum Body Sculpting image

The cost for the entire Quantum Body Sculpting Program is a one-time payment of…

drum roll please…



Option 1: Click here to join with a one-time payment of $297.

Or, if you prefer, join by making 4 payments of $87 each.

Option 2: Click here to make your first payment of $87 and begin right away. 

(the remaining 3 payments of $87 will be taken 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks from now. No refunds will be issued for partial payments.)  

That’s it, that’s all.

Looking forward to practicing Quantum Body Sculpting with you.

See you inside!

Anita November 5, 2013 at 7:02 am

Participating in Wendy’s Youthening program, I already noticed remarkable health improments and renewed stamina and vigour. Having spent some time also with Wendy’s free materials on her website, I consider her payable offers worth much more than she prices them. Tremendous work is involved to compile all this material. All her ideas and words are full of respect, love and wisdom. This by itself is already healing. Honorable uplifting work like this is much needed in the (www.) world.

Su October 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

HI Wendy,

Is it possible with this program to change facial features, like nose, chin, forehead?


Wendy Down October 3, 2013 at 5:40 pm

Yes, Su, the program is set up to guide you to the place – the presence in yourself – from which changes like these are possible.

Wendy Down October 2, 2013 at 3:12 pm

Welcome, Leann and Tori!

Joey, yes, the plan is for the program to be offered indefinitely and that you can join whenever you like. So if next year is your year for Quantum Body Sculpting, know it will be here waiting for you!

Tommy, congratulations on the wonderful example you provide that it is possible for our bodies to be as we like – and believe they can be. As you know, no program, including this one is required to achieve such results! Although it is fun to have direction, support and guidance!

Ewerson, betsypalmer and me, if you could find a place I promised the Quantum Body Sculpting Program would be free, I would honour it. And be shocked to see it.

Tommy October 2, 2013 at 5:25 am

I believe this program will work for anyone as long as they have an open mind, and are willing to follow it. I’ve been using imagery and consciously focusing on what I choose to create in my life, and with my appearance, money, relationships, etc.. And I am 74 and can pass easily for late 40’s. I have the energy of a 20 yr old, and KNOW this program works. I have not used this particular program, I have followed my own inner guidance. And know this would work also… I don’t see anywhere where this was a free offer. $300 for 100 days breaks down to just $3 a day to make some astonishing changes with oneself. I would sign up, but I am an example of re sculpting myself now. Namaste, Tommy

Ace October 2, 2013 at 3:34 am

Hmm, in the lead up to launching this program today you stated that this was going to be a FREE program. Did I miss something, or did you change your mind?

Ewerson October 2, 2013 at 2:48 am

Wendy! You said this was going to be free! I’m disappointed. If you want money, use the same power that you use to change the body to get money!

betsypalmer October 2, 2013 at 1:40 am

I’m very disappointed. I was told this would be free. I just retired, have some medical issues that require money, and I can’t afford this program. I don’t understand how you can promise one thing, and then deliver another.

TORI ANDERSON October 1, 2013 at 11:15 pm

You always deliver MORE than I expect! I know this program will be everything I hope for. Thanks Wendy!

Me October 1, 2013 at 7:34 pm

Wasnt this supposed to be free? It certainly seemed so…Disappointed..been looking forward to this for weeks but cannot afford it.

Joey October 1, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Hiya Wendy!
Thank You for having the passion that you do for this amazing life & the experiences which we live 🙂 I am definitely interested in experiencing the journey 🙂 Will you be running the program at the beginning of next year as well?

Leann Parker October 1, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Happy to be with you and Body Sculpting!

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